US Coronavirus Stats by Region

US Coronavirus Stats by RegionNumber of New Positive Per DayCumulative Number of PositiveCumulative Number of TestsNumber of Tests Per DayCumulative Number of DeathsNumber of Deaths Per DayCumulative Death RateCumulative Positive RateDaily Positive RateUS Census RegionScript stdout

Number of New Positive Per Day

Cumulative Number of Positive

Cumulative Number of Tests

Number of Tests Per Day

Cumulative Number of Deaths

Number of Deaths Per Day

Cumulative Death Rate

Cumulative Positive Rate

Daily Positive Rate

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Script stdout

fetching latest data (now time: 2020-08-30T10:40:41.947979)
gathering information for all US states...
AK(98) AL(187) AR(65) AZ(93) CA(121) 
CO(110) CT(64) DC(118) DE(60) FL(112) 
GA(155) HI(75) IA(61) ID(127) IL(127) 
IN(98) KS(44) KY(104) LA(89) MA(78) 
MD(121) ME(60) MI(79) MN(118) MO(74) 
MS(114) MT(111) NC(62) ND(104) NE(74) 
NH(117) NJ(84) NM(97) NV(74) NY(103) 
OH(135) OK(128) OR(61) PA(72) RI(68) 
SC(81) SD(60) TN(115) TX(110) UT(65) 
VA(64) VT(58) WA(92) WI(64) WV(73) 
WY(134) the last state to start reporting result is Kentucky (2020-05-01T23:47:02.000000)
the earliest state to update result is North Dakota (2020-08-19T04:13:44.000000)
standardized start date: 2020-05-01T00:00:00.000000
standardized end date: 2020-08-19T00:00:00.000000
finished generating num positive per day graph
finished generating num test graph
finished generating num test per day graph
finished generating num of positive graph
finished generating num of death graph
finished generating num death per day graph
finished generating death rate graph
finished generating positive rate graph
finished generating daily positive rate graph
graph saved to file (latest update time: 2020-08-30T10:40:48.660933)